The Foldable Travel Dress

Compact | Lightweight | Wrinkle-Resistant

Foldwear for the Minimal Traveler

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See how it folds.


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It's convenient for when I'm on the go. It's very comfortable to wear and doesn't wrinkle at all. When I stay with my boyfriend on the weekends I bring the dress (folded) as an emergency dress, and I leave it in the trunk of my motorcycle when I ride long distances.


I LOVE the material and how you can style it different ways. I use it for work at least once a week!


It literally folds into a pouch. It has quickly become my new favorite addition to my wardrobe...I can't wait to throw some thigh high boots under it and top it off with a cardigan or wear it as a skirt in the coming winter months...(This is a game changer...)


I love my Origamei because it's perfect for any occasion- At times I fall asleep wearing it because it's so comfy.


I keep my Origamei handy in my backpack for school and all of my travel adventures! Not to mention it's super comfortable too.